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Sub Machine Guns Vs. Assault Rifles

SMGs vs Assault Rifles

  • SMG

    Votes: 4 40.0%
  • Assualt Rifle

    Votes: 1 10.0%
  • Both

    Votes: 5 50.0%
  • Neither

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters
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Which do you prefer? I like both, spraying is fun but you can squeeze more range out of assault rifle.

they are both good in there own ways as smg's have a faster firing rate and can get rapid fire( though a couple assult rifles can) where as some assult rifles have vertually no recoil and are better for longer distances. But in my over all opinion i would have to say SNIPERS ARE THE BEST!!! :p


There isnt any really big maps that would benifit from using an assault rifle ,theyre mostly small and compact ,so i'd rather use an smg


Depends on the map and how I'm playing. Sometimes I'll take the smg out and run n gun in the middle, or more compact areas of the map. Or if I'm feelin' a slower pace I'll bust out the assault and stick to the outside of the map :p.


Thanks for replying. But I also want to ask a more specific question. Which do you think is better the mp7, or the acr?

I personnally like the mp7 better (for now :p) because most of the maps are more compact, but it can still perform decently on medium-to-long range encounters.
depends on if your a assult rifle or a smg user though I probably like the acr for range and low recoil but the mp7 has firer and more damage(so i think)


Using the MP7 bridges the gap between A-Rifles and SMGs.
Ive been using it a lot recently. However The scar-l is a good assault rifle to use at close range of hip fire.


over all the assualt rifles are better, but why use any of them lol, when u can use a gun with better dammage accuracy fire rate range mobility ect...
If u havent guessed what it is already, your either a noob, a camper (they ever use it) or u dont play at all

easily the best all round gun in mw3:cool:


Sub machine guns have always been the preferred for me. Fits my rushing game style much better than any assault rifle does. Both the movement speed and aiming speed when ADS if much preferred for quick aiming in and out while on the move and constantly sprinting around popping in and out of different corners after taking out one or two of the multiple enemies that all look at the same spot you were just at allowing you to easily rush around the flank. As long as i slow down certain assault rifles can be more effective k/d wise but there isn't nearly as much fun in that for me.


Sub machine make me seem too fast and hinders me from being able to aim accurately.. I wish you could set your speed to be slower when you aim...I like Assault. More
But I'll try sub again


In the Majority of the maps I use a SMG simply because I am a run and gunner. SMGs have so little recoil, at least the overpowered mp7s :p. And I dislike the fact that you need stalker on a rifle.

I like to play with snipers aswell though :)
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