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Hi Everyone,

Subversive Gaming Network is a gaming community and network of gaming communities that offers a new gaming experience to members in both the core community and our partners attached to the network. We play a variety of games, and we recruit clans to be part of the network so our members can play whatever games they want to without having to leave the clan/community.

We are 18+, and our partners are 18+ too. We run regular events and will be running cash prized events over the next few months. We welcome gamers from all sexualities, genders, ethnicities, political beliefs etc. We have a strong leadership team which is equally balanced by both male and female gamers and we are governed by a Council of founding leaders rather than just myself running the show - all with a say and an equal vote.

At a steady 75 members and increasing - we are a new and rising community and hope that we can be a home to all!

Check us out: https://discord.io/SubversiveGN

Kind Regards,
Director of Subversive Gaming Network

Our Website


Hello, Good day to you . I am WildRage. I currently play for 2BM a CDL Clan with 5 teams. I am Looking for a new more serious team to play with. I currently stream with over 7k followers and play on PC. I am very interested in GBs but have not found a team to play with yet. If you are still interested in new players please contact me on discord WildRage#8100


SGN or Subversive Gaming Network is a mature, adult only gaming community and network. With members aged between 18 and 45 years old, who would like to meet other adults to game with without having to worry about issues that arise within a youth oriented community. We offer a ranking structure that's based loosely around the FBI, and we've recently hit 100 members, so there's plenty of room for progression and to be part of the growth of our gaming community!

We're also a community that strongly holds our "motto" in everything we do; "Built by the people, for the people." and this is shown in our Council, we do not have one person making all the decisions but a collective group who vote on things like; whether we should kick someone, what direction we should take, who gets promoted into senior leadership, who gets removed. All of this we've done to remove the pettiness and drama from the leadership, and our members are able to get down to gaming!
SGN Ranking Structure (Loosely derived from the FBI ranks)

What we offer is not just a community but a family, we offer contests, giveaways, and events on a somewhat consistent basis and have tons to do and tons of great people to interact with.

Games we want to expand on:

  • Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint (both PS4 and XBOX)
  • Warframe (PS4)
  • Ark (We own servers on PS4 for Ragnarok, Aberration and Extinction)
  • Diablo 3 (Both consoles)
  • Grand Theft Auto V (PC, PS4 and XBOX) - Race events, MC Club Grinding etc.
  • Division 2 - XBOX & PS4
  • League of Legends
Please join through the discord link below https://discord.gg/Adcmwhx

We look forward in having you in our community and cant wait to play some games with you!

We offer support in many games which include all the games listed on our clan profile here!

Thank you for your interest in possibly joining SGN and feel free to stop by, we do have a short application to fill when you join, just so we can assign you to the right areas! Thank you for reading and as always...

Stay Safe and Game On!

The "N" in our name is Network, and we currently have two clans partnered with us, their members pooled in with ours and we've got more coming in weekly. If you're interested in partnering (your clan remains independent, your members will just have access to our discord, participate in our events and enjoy our resources) then DM me on here or on discord; SGN DrCyn#0001, email drcyn@subversivegamingnetwork.com or join the discord and ask to speak to DrCyn about becoming a partner.
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