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[Suggestions for the Next COD] New Multiplayer Maps, New Game-Modes, and New Maps for Zombies


All of these suggestions are for the next Call of Duty.

Multiplayer Maps

Bring back Highrise from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
They should bring back Highrise and fix it up like they did with Nuketown from Black Ops 1.

Add a Trailer Park map
A Trailer Park map would be great, but it shouldn't be all messed up like it was hit with a nuke or anything, they should make it clean and realistic so it looks just like a regular trailer park.

Bring back Hijacked
Make a map just like Hijacked, but it should be sinking, but its frozen in ice, and we can go on the ice and go in the boat. Just an idea.


Insane Free-For-All
There should be an Insane Free-For-All, which will include 50 players, you get three lives, and once there are only 20 people left, a UAV goes up until there's only one player left. Also, in this gamemode, there would be huge maps, like, about four regular maps put together. Maps can go anywhere from a huge trailer park to a jungle.

Cage Match
In this gamemode there'd be two players, and all you have is a knife, there will be 2 rounds, and then if it's tied there'll be an overtime. The map would be a cage, and it's no bigger than the circumference of one of the houses on Nuketown 2025

Insane Cage Match
This gamemode would be just like the suggestion above, but the map would be a bit bigger and it would include 20 people.

Zombie Maps

They should make Hijacked look like it was hit by a nuke or something, and they should do what they did with Nuketown, how they made a Zombie map out of it.

Trailer Park
They should make a huge trailer park map, and it'd be at night and the zombies could be coming out of windows and out of the sewers and stuff.

They should turn Raid into a Zombie map, again it'd be at night and I think that many players would enjoy it.

Thanks for reading my suggestion and please comment with a support or no support and tell me why. Thanks and bye <3


I want to see dynamic Maps in multiplayer in which each of them can change weather and time of day randomly. It would feel like an entirely different map every time you play them whether they are at night, day, snowing, raining, etc. I would also like to see destructible environments. I imagine each map could have a new look for when a Moab is called in and 3 major areas of the map that can be completely altered. Similar to octane from ghosts when the gas station is destroyed but in 3 different areas that completely change the layout of each map. Players could always be exploring and experimenting with maps especially when new ones are revealed in DLC.

"Protect the President" would be a fun game mode in where 1 player is randomly selected as a support juggernaut and has to be escorted to the opposite side of the map to plant a bomb closer to the enemy spawn. Each round ends when either each character loses 3 lives in one round (respawn delay of 10 seconds), or the bomb is planted and exploded. (Bombs can be defused, but will not end the match) Each match contains 4 rounds.

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