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DMZ Tactical Tip Saving Insured Weapons


The Equalizer
Not sure if it's a PC-wide glitch or just peculiar aspect of my particular system..

I was in a match yesterday. I had my insured weapons and got killed... By a train of all things.. :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

I was pissed off, so I immediately shut down my game...

After a few mins, I loaded my game up and, lo and behold, my insured weapons were still there..

This morning, my first match of the morning, I was killed by a murderous squad and then shut down my game, albeit not as immediately...

When I loaded my game back up, I still had my Primary Insured...

Going to do some more testing, but it would be really nice to not lose my Insured weapons.. :D
i dont see the point of insured guns, if you unlock a gun you should be able to use it. i play on my own, so i have to have random team mates. IF i had 2 real mates to play DMZ , and have specific load outs to make the team better, then i would win every game, then get more perks to make us stronger. then the solo guy gets to use ground loot, how the F is that skill based? i just dont play for an hour if i loose my guns. getting close to uninstalling this crap

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