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Tanks SUCK!

Is it just me, or do tanks ruin the World at War multiplayer? Every time I play a map with tanks I just quit out because I simply hate when people use them... I also really hate it when people brag about getting a good kill streak after being in a tank...

Do you guys hate tanks too?


Hm... I personally Hate World at War... Treyarch, did a good job on it must give credits. But the game is tottal ruined. I quit W@W... because it was so booring. The tanks just ruin the game, its like the first guy gets into it, he thinks he rocks... but when he out of tank.. he really sux at the game.
If tanks sucked then they shouldnt have taken notes from Grey Matter studios who brought vehicles into United Offensive............oh wait thats right Grey Matter was merged into Treyarch.

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