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Multi Terran Empire | Looking for recruiter and squad leaders [ps4/5] [pc] [X1]


Terran empire is looking for officers for pc, xbox one, and ps4. We have spots open for cod. Check us out and see what you think.



Hello everyone I am RaZoR bLaDe a staff member and leader @terranempire.net We are currently looking for a few more staff members and squad/ship leaders to kick off recruiting on xbox one, pc, and ps4. We have a strong website up and running and 8 staff members . We would like 10 to have a solid back bone. We have an application and support system to assist our members. We use discord app to stay in contact while in school or at work. We ask you be 16 years old and have a mic. Join up on our site and fill out the easy application. All members are accepted in our clan. We are not just wanting to build a clan but a community full of diverse people. We have game reviews, contests, clan wars. Come join an adult clan who still knows how to have fun and frag the noobs at the same time..

Fleet Admiral RaZoR bLaDe​


Hey we have a bo3 squad on x1 and a few members who play Iw on ps4 we want to greatly expand and conquer . If interesting in a real no bs clan who plays and laughs together hit us up terranempire.net​


Looking for able minded gamers to build a clan. I am reviving my old clan called terran empire. I have a few members already mainly on pc and x1. I would like some help with admin roles since i work a lot and also some members to lead us in games. Xbox gamer tag TE RkanRaz​


Hi Everyone I am one of the founders of Terran Empire we are recruiting we are based on star trek but we are trying new things we are starting out as playing COD and going to impliment more divisions we have a functional website and a Discord


Looking to branch into COD . We are looking for players and leadership. We are a small but growing clan. Jump in discord and chat about it if you have any questions.
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