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Multi [THC] TriggerHappyClan Looking for new Members!!


Screen Shot 2020-10-15 at 11.15.14 AM.pngWELCOME TO THE TRIGGER HAPPY CLAN (THC)

We are all family in this clan. We treat each other with respect, help each other in troubling times, work with each other to solve common problems and reach our goals. We are Dedicated. No matter what happened in the past with other communities, members have stood by the clan and its leaders since day one.

The leaders of this clan work hard to instill in its members that taking pride in who you are, and standing by what you believe in, are amazing qualities to have. The Leaders of THC are constantly working to improve the clan to provide an exceptional gaming experience for its members.

Through our Clans ranking system, each rank holds its own Responsibilities and duties to be done. This teaches members the value of responsibility. Responsibility for not only yourself as a member, but for others because a decision that you make can affect many other people.

At the end of the day our members really know how to have fun. whether it's through weekly tournaments or in a pub lobby, if you've had a crappy day, we know how to pick each other up when we are down. There are a lot of opportunities within THC. Through our website, GFX, Discord, and even a competitive COD team that practices day in and day out.

In all aspects of the clan, THC takes pride in our leadership. Besides building up great, hardworking, and nice people through the ranks to build and split divisions, some of the aspects of what you learn in THC and implement in your real life. There are many members who praise THC for helping them in real life situations because of being a leader in THC trains them to think and react better to situations.

THC is constantly have tournaments and everything in between to continue to keep the active and moving. THC is a very active clan, we succeed on bringing members new and old together to have a great gaming experience.

Must have a Mic
NO Double clanning
Has Discord

To Join Go To:
Trigger Happy Clan Registration

Hey, I wanna start joining a clan. I’m not sure how that’s works but if you can’t text my number. 479-222-3069. Id love to be in a clan. I feel I’m good enough

Title says all. We are open for recruitment and we are looking for people who just want to join a fun, laid back casual, multi-platform community based clan! The clan was founded on September 27th, 2020. We are also a multi-game community as well. The community was originally founded as a Call of Duty Clan, that is our main game but we also play other games!

What does this clan have to offer?

-Discord Server
-People to play with
-Game Nights! Hosted by different people.

Please go and register on our website at: https://www.triggerhappyclan.com/

Once you have completed that, join our discord server! Tell them that Dr.Murdershy sent you!

Happy Gaming!

Any questions? DM Me on here or add my discord!

Discord ID: † ~RainCloud~ †#0097


[SGM] of TriggerHappy
Update: Website was actually disabled for now!

Just add me on discord and we can go from there or DM me here!

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