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PSN The 32nd Reaper Division


Hey guys sorry been crazy haven't been back to check this post if your Interrested in joining please visit out site and go through the steps outlined.


Still recruiting members for our Alpha Division on COD(we also have a bravo side for star wars BF2) come by and check us out guys. 70+ active members
I just submitted my info. I definitely need a team to run with; I'm a decent player, but play solo. I'm new to COD, I haven't touched one in years!!!!



Who are we?

The 32nd Reaper Division is a pub and “casual comp” clan established in 2006, with a specific set of goals in mind. We strive to offer the best membership experience possible by creating a supportive, organized, and energetic environment for our members. Our clan's organizational structure approximately mimics (not precisely) that of the U.S. Military's infantry structure. For example, we have Squads, Companies, & Battalions, and because of this structure we have numerous leadership opportunities available to members.

We do things, both in-game and out, that very few other clans have the heart or commitment to do. Everything from playing as an organized team in-game, to fundraising for fellow members to help them get back on their feet with new consoles, games, controllers, headsets, and more if they break. Besides from various accolades such as breaking into the top 100 clans, 3 years in a row during Clan Wars & Ops from MW3-AW, to retaining members for years, or having close to 10k followers across our social media, we most heavily pride ourselves on the positive feedback we receive from our members, and the feeling of unity that is found here in the 32nd. Yes, we love to win, but we're not one of those clans who does so by belittling our teammates.

How do I join?

You can join by first visiting our website’s membership requirements page located here: http://www.the32nd.org/howtojoin.html
If you meet the basic requirements, follow the link button at the top of the page to join our Facebook group. Once there, you will be greeted with further clarifying questions and directions.

We hope to see you on board with us soon!

~ DaftDerp, Alpha Company Lieutenant

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