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The Elgato


I got my elgato in the mail, and I'm not sure how to go about using it. I had to leave town for business unexpectedly. I didn't get around to setting it up. I want to edit videos, and create content to track my weapon camo mastery progress. I'm not ready to go live yet. I'll probably start that once I have the camos complete. To make matters worse I got a second job. I'm going to be real busy. Luckily I'm addicted to COD. I was playing vanguard today, and I was getting pretty good tricky grenade kills. It would have been nice content to capture. To get this going I'll need anything anyone may recommend to for making game play videos, such as: how to edit in voice over, and how to chop up a video with the stuff I want in it. Additionally, I'll need to know what my lucrative platform options to upload content onto. I'm guessing they will be twitch tv, and youtube. But that is another bridge to cross. I need to start capturing my game play, and making videos.

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