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the intro of Nimrod



Sorry for the late introduction but I completely missed this part of the forum.

I am Nimrod, in my late 20s, I am a casual to active gamer, depending on how much time life allows me to put in to gaming.
I like to play strategy games, RTS shooters such as Squad, HLL and so on and of course Call of Duty. I play CoD since CoD1 and have picked up playing the CoD series with CoD: MW ( the most recent one ) and now play CoD Cold War which I really dislike actually, feels like a massive downgrade and is buggy as hell.

I am located in Germany, I work in IT and my hobbies are Karate, hiking, sports, reading. The usual stuff you can do on the country side.


Hi @Nimrod and welcome to the forums, it's great to have you join us, I look forward to reading about your views and sharing ideas with you.


Thanks you.

Yes, I am looking forward to this as well. Seems to be an all-round forum and also for some off-topic parts in the lounge.

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