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The rules of Content Bunker.


Staff member
The main purpose of this forum is for the community to share their unique content regarding tips, tricks, guides, how-to articles, strategies on where to look, how to use weapons, and more.

The Call of Duty series is a very rich, and encompassing universe to dive into.

Here are the rules:

- Do not boost your postcount. Do not just post to spam the thread up. We gave you postcounts, we can easily take it away.

- Please be respectful of others. We understand that you may disagree with the thread starter's idea, comments, or strategies. You may do so, but only with constructive criticism. Any insults, flaming, or baiting will result in a warning or a straight up ban if the user goes too far.

- No. Plagiarism. I'm only going to say this once: No plagiarism. Your walkthroughs, your guides, your how-to's HAS to be unique. You will be banned upon learning you've copied someone else. No questions asked.

Moderators can edit this thread as they wish. This thread is a work-in-progress.

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