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Tactical Gaming

Multi The Shadow Company - New Growing Community

Welcome to The Shadow Company!

Our Mission is to provide a safe and friendly place for our members and to also bring in outcast people from other communities. We aim to give people from all places, platforms and games a place to find others to game with without having the worry of being frowned upon or seen as useless, all our members from Private up are important to us.

Founded April 2020 from previous community owners that had a corruption in leadership. The aim for this is to rebuild what we were aimed for before. We are built on different Types of Gamer's, the casual one and the competitive one.

The real soldier wannabe and the actual real serving soldier. We have dedicated an anthem at the start of every meeting to honor Serving and Fallen Military Soldiers. With some members currently serving away from home.

We have a military structure but aren't solely militarized. This is just a way to keep the admin up to standard and look a bit more organised compared to other gaming communities.

We are a Gaming Community dedicated to giving gamer's a place to feel safe and respected and not to feel like an outcast. TSC was created to bring in gamer's who feel other communities were power hungry and that they weren't feeling safe around anyone within them.

What we have to offer you!

● We have monthly events on offer for varying games. And company command can host company level events! Have a suggestion send it up your chain of command and give a suggestion for an event!

● Get Your Own Custom Graphics Designed by our Own GFX Designers. Head over to #gfx-requests to request a design! (PVT+ Only)

There is 3 Companies in TSC:
Poseidon Company - Dedicated towards PS4 Gamer's
Artemis Company - Dedicated towards Xbox Gamer's
Nemesis Company - Dedicated towards PC Gamer's

Our Media Department has much to offer:

● Custom GFX Designs
● Livestreams
● Social Media Platforms
● Sponsors

Interested? Use our Permanent Discord Link: https://discord.gg/tRVUqQu


Tactical Gaming

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