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The sound design in the MP is just bad all around

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I haven't played CoD seriously since the first Black Ops and I've never used one of the forums so forgive me if this has been brought up before.

I'm not sure when using headphones became taboo, but it seems like the sound in this game is designed specifically to make things confusing and eliminate the advantage headphones provide. I'll just make a tiny list so as not to bore you all to tears:

1. Everything apart from footsteps seems to be just ridiculously loud. The gun sounds are way too loud, the explosions are deafening and I can't hear anything over the attack chopper even if it is nowhere near me. If one attempts to turn the volume up so as to actually hear footsteps it becomes physically painful.

2. The distance of said sound is completely broken. I cannot tell how far an enemy is by the audio cues(they almost seem reversed at times), something I used to be able to do with ease in the former CoD games. It is so bad that I get sneaked up on constantly(by this I mean people are running at me full bore w/o DS and before I even hear them shooting I'm dead). I have to rely on the acoustic sensor just to have even a tiny amount of situational awareness, because for me at least the audio is so bad it is basically useless for any kind of tactical use.

When I was playing CoD in the past headphones were very taboo because of the advantage they gave, but nowadays HP use is basically the norm so I just don't understand why the audio ended up so blatantly broken.


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I love the sound design, but footsteps are like... quiet. Fix it, Treyarch!
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