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The vision behind Call of Duty: WWII

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This certainly is quite a wonderful video. As always, the team ensures that nothing about this title will be half-assed, as far as creation and development goes. I do look forward to the game and will gladly play it. The work of this team is certainly going to pay off quite richly. But still, there's the elephant in the room which they are doing everything to ignore, when they simply shouldn't.

We now have two titles that had sequel-baited endings and now will never be finished. I had been looking forward to seeing the further progression in Ghosts, seeing what would become of Logan after going through Rorke's conditioning, getting more background about events like the Tel Aviv War and learning more about the Federation, and seeing them take their rightful place as the true antagonists of the piece. (I always hated that Rorke was treated like the main focus, when he never actually was. He's just a bounty hunter for hire, and thus a massive step backwards compared to villains like Makarov, Dragovich and Menendez.) AW, meanwhile, was also going to clearly have a sequel in showing the characters deal with the aftereffects of Irons' plans and dismantling it further, but Sledgehammer lost their nerve because "their little feelings got hurt" because of hateful assholes on the Internet. I feel so thoroughly cheated, and I don't think I can fully reconcile myself to what was lost. At least Infinity Ward had the sense to make IW's plot all wrapped up within a single game so that when they moved onto something new (which you know they will, after all that's happened), we at least aren't left hanging.

Simply put, I can't help but feel disappointed in how Activision and the three developers are responding to the criticism and not being the absolute darlings like they were for the last decade, even though the vast majority of people still love the new titles and they are extremely profitable. It strikes me as cowardice, and I do know that if I was in charge, I wouldn't let these Internet trolls get to me and make me switch plans so transparently in a way to coddle the haters, hipsters and pontificating critics that think they know what's best for the franchise.
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