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These things need fixing if so game will turn out great


gonna keep it short hit boxes are 50/50 and the player models dont sync up at all someone running looks like crap can never tell where to aim when a lag fest of people run around. TTK needs to go up someway somehow certain guns barely win 1v1's at all and if you put certain operator mods on they vastly accel in the TTK like for example the double tap mod with HC2 on the first rifle makes it 2 shots to the body the absolute fastest TTK in the entire game hands down vs say an MX9 which takes 5 shots to kill and they recently nerfed it so even longer now. all this put together creates choppy game play horrible hit boxes that need refining and a TTK that did help the game with 150 health but with how unpredictable the gunfights are make it feel like an eternity to face off against ONLY 1 person let alone 3 or 4 and i know nuke towns back so many more gunfights 1v3 and so on that i feel i can win but struggle to win even the easiest ones please someone foward this to treyarch or anyone that cares if this game is meant to be the best it can be then they should prove it now before its too late because tell me they cant get hit boxes and good reg like in MW they can if we push them to. sorry this was a rant but it needed to be done quality is more important then anything else for a fast pased game like this

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