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PSN TheSupremacyClan Now Recruiting!! PS4 World Champs Must Read!!!!

The Supremacy Clan is now recruiting new players for ps4. We are currently The World Heavy Weight Division Champions for Clan Wars and Clan Raids in Call of Duty, and have been an established clan since March 2014. We have 85+ active members both male and female. Were mainly a COD based Clan, however we do play other games together such as:





Over watch

Never winter

We are a close community that always goes for the win, but we like to have fun while doing so

Requirements to Join

You must be at least 18 years or older to join. (Exceptions can be made based on ability and maturity)

You must have a fully functioning Headset/microphone. (Communication is key)

Stats: 1.7 K/D (or 300spm) 1.0 W/L (again exceptions can be made)

You must have a smart phone (we use a messaging app as our main form of communication)

You must also have 4 days playing time or more.


Inter-Clan Tournaments (Prizes are awarded to the winners)

Giveaways (Games, PSN Cards, etc.)

We have members from all around the world so there is always normally someone online.

Great Advancement Opportunities

Competitive opportunities

We are also sponsored by Strengthgrips and Gamersupps so we have discount codes for both of those companies.

Contact Us

You can apply to join us at:


Or you can tweet me: @AdamDaly747

(Sometimes if you're having trouble applying on the website you might need to create an account first if you haven't already)

If you wish to learn more about us first, you can check out our social media:

YouTube: www.youtube.com/c/thesupremacyclan

Twitch: www.twitch.tv/thesupremacyclan

Twitter: www.twitter.com/_TheSupremacy_

If you have any questions please feel free to ask, either via twitter or simply replying to this thread. Hope to speak to you soon!

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