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This forum is dead?

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Whats happened to the forum i mean since the launch of the worldwide trailer we still have no new members here at all? I might leave myself tbh.


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It is very weird to see. Especially since this is now one of the top results when googling 'Black Ops 3 forums'. I think when a little bit more information leaks and beta time starts getting closer we'll start garnering a bit more activity. However, I've noticed forums in general have been on a decline for the past few years.


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It'll take time, like @I AM IK0N says. Thing is, this is exactly why I launched it back in September, but google and other search engines are too slow to index sites. Neverless, like @I AM IK0N says, it now ranks high for the keyword needed to get the place popular. Now it boils down to the members.

I have been using the 3 BO3Forums twitter accounts, and they've been instrumental in bringing in traffic, but I can't do this on my own, tho. I need your help.
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