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thread for heavy questions.


do you think about how you're going to die?
do you belive in god?
why do you think you were born?

et cetera. let this be the thread for #deep stuff.
I have always wanted to have a dramatic death (died as he lived they always say) like a stunt gone wrong., something memorable. I do not believe in god and I do not think any of us are born for any reason other than to carry on genes.


I want a memorable death too. I want it to make me feel i had purpose. My worst nightmare is a mundane and forgettable existence and death.
I feel comfort in a godly presence that watches over me, but i dont like the way people have ruined it by turning spirituality into a tool for trying to manipulate people.

And yes, i do think its a coincidence specifically i was born, but you can turn it into something meaningful. After all, at most we'd be another wikipedia page.


I think about death, a lot. Sometimes it scares the shit out of me.

Most people say that they don't fear death, just dying and how it feels and stuff. I'm the opposite. I can't stop thinking about how freaking crazy it is that after I die everything vanishes and that's it.

Bloody L

Heart disease, more than likely. God? Sure, just hate organized religions. We were all born to suffer. ;)
For those that do believe in god, what/who do you think he/she/it is?

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