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Tick rate of the servers


So I have been playing numerous matches (on PC) and I noticed that enemy players are moving kind of jittery almost teleport-like. I assume this has to do with the tick-rate of the servers. How are your experiences?


Staff member
It's not just you, Drift0r found similar issues in his playthrough, and it's not just PC, it's across all consoles. I can see some tickrate loss, or lag. When I say lag, I mean, frame drops.

(For example, if you're playing PS4, the framerate drops are noticeable enough that you think the game was designed with PS4 Pro, Xbox One X, AND PC in mind.)

It's not only the server, but also the engine. Hopefully, they can fix and optimize for final release...

Here are Drift0r's comments on PC beta...

However, you gotta give the teams at Treyarch, Beenox, and Blizzard credit with the PC version, from what I see here... (video embedded below) The game is packed with new features in the PC version...

That's a livestream, so keep that in mind when watching...

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