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time to move to ddr5 and zen 5 or intel 15th gen


been am4 socket for a long while now and ryzen 5800x3d. now that the new wave is coming im wondering if i should consider upgrading. or maybe wait for the next wave again. i think im probably game proof for a long time still if i dont do anything.

had my asus b550 f gaming mobo for over three years and now out of warranty but still rocking.
so is it worth spending 800 bucks to go from ddr4 to ddr5
I'm not too hard-core, or versed in PC building, but JayTwoCentz released a video talking about cheaper ways of buying motherboards. And he says you can go DDR5, but don't buy them for flashy stuff like RGB. Do it for something else like size and memory. He said you don't need 32GB, or fast memory.

I disagree with his advice: 32 GB assuming you want to game and stream, and/or do intensive editing (like photoshop, da Vinci resolve - video editors).

Speed is for high intensive compute like texture streaming on your PC. THIS part is gonna get worse as we go past Call of Duty: Black Ops 6. I already see the writing on the wall with Modern Warfare II and Modern Warfare III.
yes i saw that video. im going to wait awhile and after watching comparisons on youtube the 5800x3d holds its own with no problem.

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