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Tranzit Easter Egg


Is there anyone out there that has actually ccompleted the Tranzit Easter egg? I always reach a certain point and then either everyone dies, someone leaves, or a noob ruins it.

I am pretty frustrated. Has anyone been able to do this? Can you provide some tip for me?
As someone put it, in Call of Duty Zombies, you never win: you just do a little better every time.

I've been playing Zombies for years now, and I keep having fun because I don't try to do the easter eggs - I just try to survive.
I've been very close to doing the Richtofen Easter Egg, but one thing that sucks hard about the PS3 is being unable to have each player use a profile for almost all games, so doing it with friends on split-screen (the best way to play multiplayer games, in my opinion) means that only one player technically has completed the objectives that can be saved. So we have to start all over again.

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