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PSN Treyarch investigates Black Ops 2 problems on PS3/PSN


Staff member
Jul 11, 2009
Some PS3 players may experience Black Ops 2 connection problems. Some of these players cannot connect to the actual Black Ops 2 server, cannot find a game on Black Ops 2. In the official Call of Duty forum thread there has been around 200+ replies regarding the various connection problems that plagued the PS3 version of Black Ops 2...
Recently, Treyarch game design director David Vonderhaar responded to concerns on Twitter, saying, “we’re testing back-end changes to help allow alleviate some of the matchmaking issues. No time table yet.” He later added, “we are indeed up and running, but we are also aware not everyone can connect. We are investigating something with our partners at Sony.” Fortunately, it looks like some progress is being made. Vonderhaar’s latest statement read, “we are currently testing backend matchmaking changes that we think can help with this. I don’t have a time table, or I would tell you.”
Source: MP1st (Multiplayer First)

Rest assured, game design director, David Vonderhaar is working with his team, and Sony to resolve this problem. Why Sony, you ask? Well, recently, Sony released a firmware update, and a whole new PlayStation Store - something may have interrupted communication between PS3, PSN, and the actual Black Ops 2 servers.

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