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Angels of Death

Multi True Talent Gaming | XB1, PS4 & PC!


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True Talent was established in June of 2009 for one reason and one reason only; to give like minded gamers a platform to get to know each other and compete on any and all multiplayer games that have been/will be released. That one reason has carried us through 5, almost 6 years and we're still going strong until this day.

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Looking forward, we'll be focusing on Black Ops 3 as our next primary game. We're not tied down to one game but we do have that primary focus. Hope to see you around the community!

~ Ik0n
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Angels of Death


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Cool man.

I'll most likely be on after I get out of work today around 6pm EST

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We're going to be ramping up recruitment again for PS4. We don't currently have a lot of active members and we no longer will be recruiting for XB1 or PC. If you're interested in helping us get this going again, send me a FR and let's get some gaming in! Ik0n88x
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