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Anyone else feel as if the die far too easily, I feel like I'm playing hard-core game modes, it's also taking me 8 to 10 bullets to kill.
Maybe server issue? Anyone feel this?


PC Gamer: Nearly Dangerous
In HC you should nearly always get a 1 hit kill on every kill unless the distance is too far or you hit a less critical part. If you are taking 8-10 bullets to get that kill then you need to work on your aim.

I found that raising my gun so I played with the reticle closer to eye level rather than chest level did that for me and helped me reduce my number of shots before I got 1 on target.


While there are server issues from time to time, the TTK in this game is very fast. I am not going to say what you are and are not doing wrong, but when this happens to me I know I am missing my shots and I warm up against bots without aim assist to help hone in my accuracy and precision from time to time.


PC Gamer: Nearly Dangerous
I do that too, a couple of short rounds of HC FFA is usually enough to free up that aiming elbow (I play keyboard & mouse on PC so no aim assist for, even though I need it!!).

When I first started playing HC I discovered how bad my aim really was, and it was shocking how bad I was. After playing for a few days or so I got better, then I got to a point where I was nearly always in the top half of the leaderboard at the end of a game and I was winning around 40% of the games I played.

Take your TTK as an indication of how many shots you're getting on target, or how few.

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