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TW1STED EVOLUTION was founded on Febuary 6, 2020 by SHADY ICE 46 and KILLSHOT327 along with a few key members.The clan was founded on the basis of becoming a place for gamers of both casual and competitive play styles to call their own. We made this clan based on the true meaning of 1st/3rd person games. TW1STED EVOLUTION is Military structured clan reflecting real tactics and team work.

Our long term goal is to turn TW1STED EVOLUTION into a brand reflecting the highest level of professionalism, dedication and loyalty.

All of our members are required to adhere to the rules and regulations, ensuring all TW1STED EVOLUTION members are ACTIVELY participating in all clan matters from planning, training on the game to development of the website. Everyone's voice is heard, their opinions and ideas are incorporated one way or another making TW1STED EVOLUTION an effort of ALL. As such we will endeavor to make this a larger, respected & organized group of gamers and friends.

We hold our members to higher standards, and those standards don't necessarily include kill-to-death ratios or things quantifiable through statistics. It has been our experience that while statistics are nice they don't do you any good if the person wielding these formidable stats isn't a team player. as such we will endeavor to make this a larger, respected & organized group of gamers and friends.

Each and every member that joins will find that we have active, mature, laid back and understanding leadership. We will be here for each and every member that needs help and understand that life takes priority over any gaming. However if you have something come up please be sure to let us know whenever you have the time.

We offer our members

active Forums
Clan events & Game Nights
Unique and Descriptive Ranking and Ribbon System
Positive, Friendly, Family-Safe Atmosphere for Respectful Players.
Monthly Spotlight Member Award
Clan Blog and Newsletter for Current Events
Rapidly Growing Community of Casual and Competitive Gamers
Support for a Variety of Multiplayer/CO-OP Games

We are setup with a basic rank structure that encourages members to work their way up. This structure is to help produce an organized system and to reward those that have shown a high level of activity and dedication.

TW1STED EVOLUTION also offers semi-competitive squads for Battlefield Series, COD Series, Forza Series, ,Rainbow Six Series,Fornite,Apex,Warframe,Elite Dangerous,GTA V and PUBG. We will have the scheduled matches listed on the events page so that everyone can plan ahead for a match. There will also be a more competitive side to come later down the road, which will be comprised of a larger group of selected members that are willing to make up our E-Sports team. These teams will only become available when all of leadership and staff have come to an agreement on who the select members will be and what days practices etc.

We are always looking to recruit new talented individuals and increase the size of the clan. We welcome both casual and competitive gamers with open arms and are dedicated to making sure the experiences had while in TW1STED EVOLUTION are nothing but fun & exciting. So if you wanna join just fill out the right application form and you will be on your way.

Web designers

We also have a junior league for those who are 17 and younger.


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