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Multi U.M.K Recruiting all platforms!



Underestimated Monkeys

Hello and welcome to U.M.K! We are a newly formed regiment with the intentions of making a place where everyone should feel welcome!
Does not matter if your new or old, beginner or pro. YOU are all welcome at us!

We have a specific ranking system within the discord and regiment, as we wish for people to show there interest and commitment to the and learning.
We have specified in one of our channels "PC - Xbox - Playstation" so people could react with a simple click what platform they use.
Cross play is absolutely allowed and should not be considered as a problem for those whom decide to join.

Some very simple rules that we have active to make it more comfortable for people is these.

1. Always use microphone while playing team communicated games "Battle Royale".
2. Always be friendly. "Jokes allowed if all parties allow".
3. Remember to have a nice tone to all, being disrespectful to anyone is not welcomed at our place.
4. Last and least, ALWAYS have fun! And remember, we are here for all of you!

These rules should in no way be broken, and if someone is not following them, ticket system will be implemented and will so anyway once a higher value of people commit them self and start coming in.

our discord channel can be found on the profile page, or down below.

If there is any questions regarding anything, do not hesitate to ask!

Best regards. RedemptionFall "Regiment Holder"

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