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Fallen Angel

So yeah I have had some pretty decent runs in DMZ lately when teamed up.

I go in solo and it goes like this

I pick old Ghost as I have him with a medium bag and a 2 plate and I want to get him a 3 plate and attempt a mission ( add a suppressor, real simple )

So I go in, no luck on the 3 plate but I loot enough to add a suppressor to the sniper rifle I picked up in there a while ago and complete the mission. OK go find a hostage mission.

great clear area and 1st floor, FOR THE Life of me could not locate the stairs to go up. Hostage eats it ... crap I go thru the rest of the building after figuring out where the stairs were and clear it. Oh sweet a self revive.. I head for an exfil and get out no issues..

SIgh ok lets go back to try and get that 3 plate. Also Now I am thinking of making another vest too.. a medic or stealth or something..

I go thru loot a safe hit the sell point sell what I can buy some plates trains going by, hit the train half of it is still there find a 3 plate. Sweet! lets get out of there.. go to my closest exfil as the gas has started to grow and I am near it so I figure it may be a fight. I hit the smoke ditched the truck and find a spot, NOPE killed by a effing sniper who was camping it. Go in 3 more times trying to "gear back up" Killed by other players each damn time, Once in the oil company area as I was nearing the buy box. another on the train as I had gotten geared back up "JUST" and then 1 more time as I was exfilling again..

I think I am done soloing in there I love the exp and the missions but the sniping and the exfil crap seriously you guys that do that have a special place in hell.


im trying to do i think its the intel exchange on ashika island solo and its impossible the duos and trios are smoking me within 3 minutes and it really sucks. they need to break this shit up into solos duos and trios and quads so its getting annoying to play so it may be back to multiplayer for me.

and im trying to kill a commander with a kastov platform and solo i bet i have tried 30 times and i cannot compete with atleast 30 ai,s up my ass let alone the ai,s around the chemist and with the commander helo theres just not enough ammo. im about done with it. and to try the jaughernot is probably a complete disaster too.


Fallen Angel
Yeah I went in last night got ganked 3 times, 2 times I was able to kill other players but it was because I saw them 1st. Once I was lucky he was solo. However I was not it was in the fort at an exfil there and the Bots overwhelmed me. The other time I saw 1 of a duo and downed him as he was running for me the other guy came into the shed thru the door and capped my sorry solo ass as I downed his partner. The 3rd time I was ganked I finally got a spawn where I was 1st on the train. I just found a 3 plate and a medium bag and I was topping up ammo and adding another gun to the med bag and yup my sorry but was attacked from above as I checked the med kit next to the ammo dump. .. Sigh

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