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Warzone Unannounced changes are making for easy camping

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I play solo in Plunder mode. I enjoy it a lot. It looks like with the update, when you die and spawn back in, you are no longer dropping in from up high. You're basically very close to the ground, and very close to where you just died. Which means, if you die in a hotstop like a money chopper unload point, you're dropping again right into that same hotspot. So if you're up against a squad, they can just peg you coming out of the sky every time you spawn.

It's even worse if you die in a sparse area or in the open somewhere. It's an easy way to get money, just keep popping the same team spawning out of the same spot in the sky over and over again.

I didn't mind the random spawn points previously since I always play solo. I thought it was going to give you an option to spawn on a squadmate, but if you don't have one, maybe give you a random spawn.

I think I ended up with several matches where it was me killing the same 4 guys over and over and them killing me over and over because we were all spawning in an open field like at military base.

Maybe let us respawn up a bit higher to avoid getting sniped and to drop into a different spot?
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