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Angels of Death

underbarrell weapen keybind question


Im playing on pc, im trying to bind a button on my mouse to fire my underbarrel weapon, ive tried many things with no success, what weapon number is the underbarrel? can someone help me with this?

Thank you

Angels of Death

As I understand things, there is a key/button that makes the under-weapon available and then you use the FIRE key/button to actually fire the under-weapon..

To do what you want requires a combo keybind and I understand that would be considered a cheat..

Could be wrong about that.. Been known to happen.. :D
My apologies.. I didn't mean to imply you were trying to cheat...

And I could be wrong.. A combo keyset might not be considered a cheat...

Having said that I can tell you how it works on a PC..

On a PC, the default key is (I think) the B key. It toggles your main weapon and your under-weapon...

Once your under weapon is selected, the FIRE KEY fires the under-weapon...
It should also be noted that, on a PC if you don't have an under-weapon, the 'B' key toggles your rate of fire from single shot to full auto...
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Angels of Death