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Unplayable after recent update

As per the title after the recent update massive frame drops in the menu I get like 3-20 fps 25-60 fps all random. Gameplay the same. My rig R7 3700x 3060ti before I was getting 100fps +. I tried older drivers for the GPU, windows update and reinstalled the whole game nothing helped. Anyone??? Other games work fine


Same thing, game doesn't use CPU properly. CPU load is between 20% and 30% and turbo boost doesn't work. But when I turn on stress test in CPU-Z it works better. Ryzen 5 3600 MSI b450 A-Pro MAX


Fallen Angel
This will seem odd but I have been playing a lot of DMZ lately and I found all 8 of my friends online last night were not playing cod ( Im on XBOX) well I tried some hardcore TDM and my lag was so bad it was causing me massive issues in game . So I logged out of Hardcore and rebooted game ( 4th time) and logged into DMZ no issues there albiet still had 8 friends online but nary a 1 of them playing cod.. sigh
I noticed some similar moments of lag but no where near what is described above. Must be them and their servers so I wouldnt go messing with your settings.


Fallen Angel
Got one poor buddy lately he is experiencing lag in game at some of the worst times of course and he falls thru the game floor and then gets booted from the game loosing all his gear unfortunately

Its odd cause out of the teams of 3 we usually run and there are 3 or 4 of us that typically run with him. He is THE only one lagging and crashing so badly. PS console and his own "hi end Modem"

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