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Good day, and welcome to the Unspun Gaming recruitment forum. Assuming you have clicked on this thread to find out more about our clan, I will now enlighten you with details on our clan and how we run.

As we are a small clan we do not have a large amount of members, so gaining access to our clan is rather simple, we just require some small things:

-You Plan To Stay Active (Unactivity will eventually result in you being kicked)
-You Have Twitter (To add you to our Clan Chat)
-You Have Discord (So we are able to communicate whilst playing as a team)
-You Plan To Contribute To Clan Videos And Montages (These will be posted on our Clan Channel)
-You Are Above The Age Of 14 (Exceptions for younger members if you really do show that you will help the clan)
-You Have A True Passion For COD

At this moment we are sponsored with MIXT Energy, a energy drink company in the likes of GFUEL, and we are also sponsored by CinchGaming, and Boss Boxes, which include controllers, Merch, and other gaming related items. Two of our leaders, Unspun Lemonz and Unspun KZ, have been working on a sponsorship with the rather large company known as GFUEL, which also sponsors official Eleague events and more!

In our clan we do not expect you to be the best, but we would love people who can play the game with some skill, we don't exactly want to recruit 12 yearold that believe a worthy clip is a split double. But like I said, we dont expect you to be the best, and we will never pressure you. Our members are based literally all over the world, ranging from America, to New Zealand, so we have a large variety of people and personalities within our clan. We tend to be a friendly base where all can interact and share not only thoughts and happenings on Call Of Duty, but in life in general, and we hope to bond with you through our alliance in the clan.

Our clan is a community base made up of three leaders, these being: Unspun KZ, our overall leader, and Unspun Lemonz and Unspun Knaustey, our two Co-Leaders.
We also have our main editor Unspun Sketchy, if you would like to preview our latest montage named 'Cypher' starring Unspun Lemonz, Unspun KZ, Unspun Sketchy, and Unspun Hipster, the link will be provided:
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eyYnQk5K8yU

We also have various other members with different skills, and roles within the clan that you can take advantage of if you choose to be apart of our small group.

If you are a youtube and wish to apply, that is great, the more subscribers the better, our clan channel is at a rather low point at this moment, only starting off a few months ago. Our montage is slowly being viewed by more and our subscriber count will ever more increase. If you have ideas and plans on how you could get us seen, we'd love to have you in this journey with us!

If you are curious on how to apply for Unspun Gaming, just leave:
-Your Twitter
-Your Age
-Your Console
-Your Gamertag
-Your Youtube Channel (If You Have One)
And we will make sure to get back to you within acouple of days.

Thanks you in advance,
The Unspun Gaming Team.


bulb1988 - I made this today for you

If you needed any other help with any digital content I've got background in digital media, Photoshop, a little After Effects, Premiere, and other stuff.
I do some coding html css php other stuff
I've managed some events
Done some branding / advertising.

Active gamer, I'm on as much as I can be. I'm not the best in the world... Yet

Oh and I do some streaming on twitch, no following yet but i'll get going soon
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Age-15 (im very mature for my age)
Gamertag- i Got Vanilla
I do not have a YouTube account


Twitter: collinj665
Console: Xbox
Gametag: JetboxBoy6
Do not have a YouTube channel but i will be starting one soon
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