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DMZ *unt squads


Seems like everyone on AM is doing hunt squads. If a player is on their own please just leave them be, they're trying to do missions. Last time in, was killed twice, I had no loot, just trying to complete a mission. FFS get a life and try a 6v6 or something


Fallen Angel
They wont and some of the dumb bastards are 5 man squads but for fun they loot everything you have trash what they do not want then Rez you to run around with a single plate with no weapon and no plates and a small backpack.

People like that are totally toxic jerks and I have told them NO do not rez me.. but they do and after I get looted its like Yep just go to load screen.

I mean hell yes we can reload typically in one round again sometimes we run into the same them but most times we are getting out of dodge with the same gear we wanted if not very close.

But yeah I get it..


The Equalizer
They really should make SOLOs exempt from being chosen in a HUNT SQUAD target...

Playing SOLO is hard enough without being targeted in a hunt..

When I get target'ed in a HUNT SQUAD, I exfil ASAP...


i dont even play dmz anymore. whats the point if its going to probably not exist soon. anyone hearing anything. besides starfield keeping me busy.

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