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Upgrade Core i9??


PC Gamer: Nearly Dangerous
I don't think it would be worth it, I think you would get a small difference in frame rate, somewhere between 10-20 fps boost, but if you have a frame rate that's already over 160-180 fps that is only as much as 10% higher frames, but you will be going from a $250 CPU to a $500 CPU which is a 100% increase in price. The numbers don't suggest good value here.

I can't remember what GPU you have; I think you had an RTX 2080 Ti, an upgrade/trade in here might be cheaper but it will give you more than double the increase in frame rate.

Evidence based opinions are more reliable than general conjecture, so here is something to sink your teeth into:

This is for 11th CPUs, but the scaling across the different generations is very similar, in that they would jump up in around 10% increments as you go through the range.
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