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Multi USA Only CDL clan Recruitment Win Money $$$ GA Demons


Want to take comp gaming to the next lvl?
Want to earn some money?
Do you dream of being an official cdl team?
Lastly are you dedicated to making your dream a reality?
If you answered yes then keep reading!

Your KD dose not matter to me as long as you can play objective and call out you good

18+ no exceptions
USA only no exceptions
English only
Mw2 ranking Siliver 1 or higher
COMS COMS COMS Must have a mic
Willing to do scrims and practice wall bangs line of sight etc

I am only looking to recruit 3 Members only
I am also willing to put my own money up for tournaments after rigorous practices and proven we can win as a team

If you are interested please contact me via discord
Message me with GA DEMONS TRYOUT to weed out spam please send that message other wise you may be ignored since I won’t know who you are

PS. Plz don’t have a shitty mic that echos or use your ps5 controller don’t have to be a pro headset but no echo or static plz or loud as hell lol that’s all looking forward for someone ppl to apply

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