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Tactical Gaming



Hi, I'm Vakants, a male, Canadian gamer, who is defiantly enthusiastic about CoD, Tournaments and
Competitive (even though I barely know anything about it).

I game on PS4 but I'm fairly new. My PS4 Username is :

I have thoroughly played every CoD since Bo1 besides AW.
(I played Bo3 for a whole year on PS3, sadly)

I'm currently looking for a clan that I could play with for fun and to (hopefully) start a Competitive Career. I enjoy MWR more then IW, but still participate actively on both. I'm also hoping to start a YouTube Channel.

I love using all types of strategies in CoD, but for sure I mostly enjoy Sniping (I also 1v1 every now and then).

I know I sound all "professional" about Competitive, YouTube, etc.
But to be honest, I just want to have fun with a bunch of fun-loving gals and guys who enjoy gaming as much as I do.

So, I hoped you at least somewhat enjoyed, I droning on about what I like. Thanks

Tactical Gaming

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Tactical Gaming