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Multi Vendetta-Family Recruiting for COD Vanguard

Hello and welcome to Vendetta-Family.

Vendetta-Family is currently recruiting new and experienced competitive & casual COD Vanguard Multiplayer & Warzone Players.

With Vanguard on the horizon, I want to establish our name on well known game. Vendetta-Fam was founded 7 years ago by me on a game called Runescape. We're a team of gamers from all over the world who plays various different games. I'm currently looking to expand and move on to the competitive scene on other games. Vanguard being our first one, I want you to be a part of this new era of Vendetta with us.

We're Recruiting

-Competitive Players
-Casual Gamers
-GFX Designers
-PC Players
-Console Players

Must have Discord. No exceptions.

Reply with your discord name, or add me on discord!

Vendetta Founder#7427

I will be personally focusing on COD Vanguard with whoever wants to join. I want the gamers who are ready to put the work in to become better. Looking for people willing to understand they make mistakes and get better from them. Looking for friendly, casual gamers looking to simply join our Community. Looking for the gamers who will stay up late nights just to continue the "grind". Looking for players who want to compete in tournaments & wager matches! I used to play competitive WaW and MW2 back in the day and can't wait to get back into the CoD grind. Let's start this new journey together!

-Vendetta Family, Expect Us!

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