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vertical gpu


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We're gonna have motherboard changes in the next few years. I think that vertical motherboards are also gonna be the future. The new 4090 is bigger than the motherboard, and stretches across the case itself. Nvidia is forcing another industry change.

Goddamn. Nvidia is just fucking up more and more. The connector cable is one change that is "easily" fixable, but that... TOO is getting attention enough for an industry-wide change.


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I vertically mounted my RTX 3080, but now I have seen the stand that @freakdaddy64 is using to prevent sag, I might get 1 of those and then take out my vertical mount as there was a drop in performance when I added mine. It was not a big drop, we are talking low, single digit percentages here, but even then, if an expanding, telescopic, plastic tube fixes my card sagging issues then I would go back to horizontal, I am not happy about having a high-performance card that can't deliver what it's capable of because I have added extra interconnects between it and my PCI-e slot.


PC Gamer: Nearly Dangerous
That's a good idea, increasing the between mobo and GPU fans will be able to work more effectively.

I think my issue is that each interconnect between the GPU and mobo adds resistance which leading to a drop in performance, but I don't have the tools on hand to test this theory.

The direct connection has just 1 interconnect, adding a cable, connected to an adapter and connected to the slot adds 3 interconnects.
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