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Virtually Guaranteed .... Get In The Top 10 In Warzone Plunder

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The Equalizer

OK, so you want to beef up your score in Warzone Plunder.. Here's how..

NOTE: This tute is Prison-centric, but the strategies discussed can be applied to any area you choose..

Rule #1... AVOID COMBAT... Other than the pleasurable feeling it may (or may not) give you, kills do nothing for your ranking in Plunder.. Sure, you might score loot from your victims, but that is a mere pittance to what you can collect for yourself.. Further, you might not always come out on top and then you lose a lot of YOUR loot.. Targets of opportunity are usually OK.. I mean if yer collecting yer loot and some one is just sitting there BEGGING for a shot to the head, whatcha gonna do??? Take 'im down...

"Take them... take them down.. Take them out.. Do your stuff.."

... but don't get distracted and bogged down in chasing kills.. You want top placement, not kills...

So... All things being equal, if you want the Top 10. AVOID COMBAT..

OK Now that you have acquired the appropriate peacenik/Coward Of Verdansk attitude, lets make some money..

First thing, pick an out of the way spot.. I love the Prison because, depending on deployment (more on that later) I usually have it to my self...


But it doesn't have to be the Prison.. Salt Mine is probably a good spot.. Summit Area in the northwest corner of Verdansk is good.. I am not sure how they are on loot, but they are good fringe areas.. Just somewhere on the fringes of the map that won't likely get a lot of traffic. Personally, I would avoid areas with a lot of buildings.. FARMLAND, LUMBER, BONEYARD... To easy to get tracked and ambushed. But if you can make it work for you, have at it.. The key is to be on the fringes that won't have a lot of through traffic.

Once you pick your spot, learn it.. LEARN.... IT.. Know it like the back of your hand.. Learn it so well, you could gut it blindfolded.. Learn the ins and outs, fields of fire, best places for ambushes, etc etc... KNOW YOUR AREA... Make it your own.. Someone encroaches, say, "MY {PRISON}!!! GET OUT!!!!"

OK, so now you know your area... Set up a grid system to systematically collect up all the loot.. With the Prison, starting from the Quad Tower courtyard on high, I clean out that area and then circle the outer perimeter's top two levels.. Up the towers, down the towers... Take it all.. Then I start on the lower courtyard area, round and round.. Leave little "presents" on choppers and vehicles.. A Proximity Mine here, a C-4 Charge there... More on that later.. Remember, you only have 2 to place them wisely.. Use UAVs liberally whenever possible.. Supplement those with personal Drones to look for those Ghosts who are immune to UAVs... Torment them whenever you find them.. Take videos and share.. :D

Once you have booby trapped....

"HA!!! BOOBY!!!"

.... the chopper at the landing pad or other vehicles and you have looted all there is too loot (if at the Prison, don't forget the Water Tower) then you can feel comfortable moving underground to the prison cells.. Again, set up a grid and be systematic.. Don't go chasing Loot Box tones.. You should have plenty of time to circle all 4 levels and grab everything there is to grab.. If all goes right, you should be approaching the million dollar mark..

After the lower levels have been completely de-looted move out into the outside area via the showers... Turn left and move towards (if you are in the Prison) the ascent line on the south side of the Prison.. Check the shack next to the ascent line. Sometimes there are 1 or 2 loot boxes there to be had..

Depending on how the match went, you might still have some time to move up the ascent line, move to the chopper and get the hell outta dodge.. Time permitting hit some bunkers or such. Avoid congested areas with a lot of buildings or rooms.. You might lose all you have worked for.. I have gone from 3rd place to out of the Top Ten because I got cocky....

"That's great kid! Don't get penis-y"
-Peter Griffin

Assuming you are free and clear and away from danger, now you can revel in your Top Ten win! :D As a Top Ten Aficionado, you also get a Placement Bonus. 5000 points for placing 10th thru 6th. 7500 point bonus for placing in the top 5.. :D And if you DO hit the Top Ten chances are excellent you will Level Up at least one level... If it's a 2XP Weekend or you have 2XP tokens running, you can often Level Up two levels.. Sometimes even THREE!! WOOT!!!

OK, now some hints and tips to make things run more smoothly and increase your safety and loot haul..

ZERO IMPACT... Leave no trace.. If you open doors, close them.. Avoid breaking windows.. You don't want to give away ANY intel to an enemy that may be tracking you.. I can't tell you how many times I was able to make kills simply by following the trail of open doors and broken windows to a target... Personally, I avoid doors whenever possible.. Always opting for glass-less windows.. Less noise.. Head on a swivel..

BOOBY TRAPS... You have a couple options here.. Proximity Mines and C-4.. Both have pros and cons.. With Bouncing Bettys, they are 'Place And Forget' weapons.. Lay 'em down and let them work their magic.. And (assuming you have placed 2) when one blows, the other is still armed and waiting for a hapless victim... The downside to BBs is that they are easier to spot and avoid.. And they don't discriminate. If you accidentally enter the booby trapped vehicle, YOU become the booby and nice chunks of you will be scattered all over the area. Can't tell ya how many times THAT has happened to me.. :D C-4 is nice because you have control over detonation.. Let your target(s) get airborne (or down the road a bit) and the WHUUUMMPPP!!! Blow 'em all to hell.. C-4 is also easier to hide as it can be placed anywhere inside the chopper/vehicle or out.. The downside to C-4 is that, if yer not paying attention, it's easy to lose where your targets came down. All their loot is wasted.. Also, it is very easy to detonate prematurely.. Premature detonation is a.... uh... problem, especially for old farts like me.. :D On a PC, the 'USE' key doubles as the double-tap key to detonate the C-4. So, if yer finger is twitchy and you accidentally hit 'USE' twice, there goes a couple million dollars in hardware and possibly you with it if yer in proximity.. Also, detonating C-4 is not selective. If you have placed two, then two will detonate even if you only want one of them to go.. Would be nice to be able to hit the 'USE' key and '1' or '2' in quick succession to detonate the C-4 individually.. Add that to the long list of "HAY ACTIVISTION, WOULDN'T IT BE NICE...." items..

INITIAL DEPLOYMENT... Depending on where the deployment choppers head, you might find yourself with a few, or more than a few, "friends" joining you at your chosen area.. At this point, you can probably kiss your chances of a Top Ten placement good bye.. Not always, but usually.. You'll be too busy killing and running and dying to get your looting system up and running. At this point, I usually just accept the fact that this is a kills match and not a looting match and just go for the kills. You won't get jacksheet for placement, but taking down enemy combatants has it's own rewards.. :D On the other hand, if yer that good, you might just be able to have your cake and eat it too.. I have had matches where I placed 3rd but still had time for 8 kills.. That may not seem a lot for some but for me, at my skill level?? Hog heaven.. :D

CASHING OUT... There are 2 schools of thought on getting your cash in the bank so it can't be taken from you.. 1st, if you are comfortable with your combat skills, just hold onto yer loot for the duration.. Time is money, as they say.. You'll waste precious seconds heading over the Cash Out Zone (if available) or loading a Cash Balloon.. So, keep it with you and hope for the best.. If you are like me and want to get rid of the cash ASAP, hit the Zone or Balloon as often as possible.. I usually wait til I have at least 100K before I look to bank it.. As I said, time is money.. Time spent loading yer cash for evac is time NOT spent looking for more cash... TPTB give you a little boost in cashing out as well.. Once you hit the million dollar mark, all your loot is banked... So, if you ARE the type who simply holds onto all yer cash, you get a little assist once you hit 1 Mil...

NOW SOME CAVEATS... I know I said that you would hit the Top Ten virtually guaranteed but the key word there is "virtually".. There are some snags that might prevent you from hitting the Top Ten.. As mentioned, combat is the biggest.. You find yourself hunted or unable to resist the urge to hunt, chances are you won't get the Top Ten, unless you are really REALLY good.. Even then, time spent hunted/hunting is time NOT spent looting.. Another way this system would fail is if you are in a QUADS/TRIOS/DUOS match and a team hits the 1 Mil Mark 5 mins into the round. Don't laugh, it's happened.. While you still might be able to hit the Top Ten, it's a lot harder to do.. Helping you is that your cash pick up is double in OT, so that may be able to drag yer butt up into the Top Ten...

On a personal note, some might question the wisdom of giving away a lot of my gameplay strategy here.. I figure, "What the hell". It gives me more of a challenge and if it helps someone get a better score, even if it costs me??? Well, I am willing to take one for the team.. :D

I'll probably add to this as more thoughts come to me...


The Equalizer
On a personal note, some might question the wisdom of giving away a lot of my gameplay strategy here.. I figure, "What the hell". It gives me more of a challenge and if it helps someone get a better score, even if it costs me??? Well, I am willing to take one for the team.. :D

I probably didn't think this one thru... :D

I noticed an uptick in people invading my Prison the last couple matches..

Oh well.... It IS more challenging... :D

Lone Wolf

Good advice: stay away from people as much as possible. Go for some the contracts. I personally like Bounty (you still get paid if someone poaches you mark). Recon is another good one as the recon is usually set up in a place that has been vacated. I avoid scavenger and the other one to find crates. If you want to draw attention to yourself, then go for the Most Wanted, but be prepared to get into a fire fight.


The Equalizer
Yea, I like the bounties as well.. Recon is OK if your fairly sure you're alone.. Use a personal drone to confirm.. I have ambushed several players when the Recon is under the tunnel between the prison bridge and courtyard.. They always seem to be facing the wrong way.. :D

Never do a MOST WANTED when yer in OT.. It will just call attention to you and you won't get the credit..
I tried to do recons solo the other day. It kept putting the recon in areas that were surrounded by people. It's as if the cod gods were conspiring against me for those matches.

Now one thing that bothers me is that red door rooms CAN be accessed by outside people after you get transported to them. Had a team swarm me without me opening a door to leave. Had that sentry up but it failed to shoot.


The Equalizer
I still haven't been able to find a red door.. Are they still a thing?? :D

Oh well.. If it doesn't come to the Prison, I guess I miss out..
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