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PSN Vz Gaming Recruitment


If your interested in getting paid for your talent i'm compensating/ investing in any OP cod players trying help us win games . Practice Monday through Friday at least 5-6 hours and compete in tourneys. NA Region

Central or Est only please. Unless you are on the West with a very open schedule.

I’m paying players on my rosters per diem for wins in PPs, Scrims, GBs, OLTs, Leagues
Good Vibes & Great Communication . Plus you always get a cut of your prize pool on top of your per diem

Everyone dedicated on our roster should feel they have what it takes to become the next face on the Esports Scene that being said the mission behind our current BTS organization is to not only to fulfill anyones goals but also provide the resources to guide players towards it. That being said some incentives for playing on our roster include but not limited too; Competing in Tourneys Online/ LAN (Scrimmages, XP Ladders, Wagers and CDL playlist) at no players expense and keeping full earnings with wins.

We generously send out money to our players for any-type of wins coming in our stats unless told otherwise. NO- CONTRACT commitment to playing on our Roster you are free to sign a contract with any other team in the league if you choose to depart from us once that decision is made you will no longer have a spot on our roster or be able to utilize the resources we provide. We will be holding NO-Contract commitments until our roster is fully set and you receive a team jersey. Also we provide Social Media / Content Creation AID; we will assist in building all the platforms of our players whatever they choose to share on .. it can anything from layout, presence, and performance
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