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Tactical Gaming

Warzone is by far one of the worst BR experience


Ok after tons of hours spend on this game I have come to the conclusion that warzone is one of worst BR ever created!
Nothing is balanced and the game is full of bugs!

AUDIO? WORST EVER CREATED can't even understand and hear foot steps!

Bugs? FULL! Getting stuck on rocks,trees etc

Air space too crowded! WTF! 1 of 3 precion is bugged out! What's the point of buying it!

85℅ of weapons in game are useless the weapons everyone usess are counted at fingers!

Blackout was overall a WAY BETTER BR GAME!
Infinity Ward you must CHANGE many many MANYYY THINGS to make warzone a good balanced game!

Tactical Gaming


As a long-time Pubg player, I definitely like this game and can feel the Triple A polish. There are SEVERAL realism tweaks I wish they'd make, and I'd like to see them make Loadout prices vary by what you put in your Loadout. But overall I am happy with this game and love the cross-platform play with console players because I can now play with my brother again.

1. Stop with the infinite parachute - you can only cut your chute and redeploy a reserve chute once. If you want to waste this to pistol someone in the air go for it. If you want to save it for the final circle to make a sweeping change of position to surprise an enemy, go for it. Carrying 53 parachutes in your backback is dumb.

2. Players should take damage when jumping out of moving vehicles. Vehicle physics are a joke in this game for the most part, but how his hasn't been fixed yet is beyond me. *Get punched 3 times = death* but *Jump out of a vehicle going 60mph = no damage" is somehow the way this game works?

3. Nerf melee damage. It should not take 3 .50cal sniper bullets to kill someone while 3 punches to the chest of an armored enemy can accomplish the same. Or 2 jabs with the butt of a weapon. And don't get me started on these stupid Kali sticks. Melee weapons should be a last resort when attacking an enemy from the front, not a viable primary weapon.

4. Make player movement dependent on your entire inventory. You can't just "put away" an LMG and run faster because you're now holding a pistol - you still have to carry that weapon. The same goes for the stupid shield - putting this on your back should severely hamper player mobility, and I would go as far as removing the ability to slide with it on.

5. Similar to melee weapons being used as primaries, RPGs/C4 need a nerf as well because right now they are used like CQC weapons. This is not how these weapons are designed to be used (kill vehicles, clear rooms of campers) and due to their "ease of use" they are being used as shotgun-like CQC weapons. C4 need to have their "ADS" time nerfed - make them slower to equip and throw" and remove the insta-detonate option. It should take 5+ seconds to equip, throw, swap to the detonator, and detonate C4. Similarly RPGs need their ADS times nerfed so you can't swap to one and fire it CQC while eating SMG bullets. Players also shouldn't be able to carry 6 rockets in their backpack - 2 max - while would also limit the effectiveness to their true specialized role.

6. The HB Sensor needs a huge nerf. Why waste your time using other tacticals when you can carry a mini-UAV in your pocket all match. Give it a battery which only permits a limited number of uses before it dies - maybe 10. So players would need to be conscious and save those uses for when they truly need them.


7. Most ARs and SMGs need huge recoil nerfs. The Grau is the posterchild for this - you should not be able to full spray an AR at long range and out-gun a sniper. Recoil should prevent this from happening, forcing you to one-tap like the sniper, and at that point the sniper rightfully has a huge advantage due to increased damage and bullet velocity. DMRs are all but worthless in this game because ARs are too effective at range. Normally a DMR is useful because at longer ranges it offers more sniper-like one-tap damage at range over an AR, while also offering ADS/ROF buffs over snipers. But with ARs being full-auto effective at sniper range, they erase the need for DMRs altogether. Why use a weapon that needs 5 hits to kill and has a slow semi-auto one-tap fire rate when you can just spray a Grau and get 14 hits in half the time? Similarly the gap between SMGs and ARs doesn't really exist either. The RAM-7 and M4 are among the two best TTK weapons for CQC and mid-range - why bother using an SMG for CQC if an AR can do the CQC job just as well (or better) while also being more effective at mid-range? As a rule SMGs should all have better TTKs than ARs in CQC, and then lose effectiveness as range increases because of lower bullet velocity and high ROFs making them harder to control. I could go into WAY more detail on this, but the short of it is IMO there needs to be some major buffs/nerfs to the weapon classes in general in order to allow the classes to actually have their own useful niches.

8. Stop with all the dead player buybacks and extra lives. First off players who are downed via headshot (especially via sniper or DMR) should skip the downed phase altogether. "Snipers are better for solos because you don't have to deal with player revives" should never be a logic that exists. Getting shot in the face with a .50cal is not fixable via syringe - start rewarding snipers for their good shooting instead of making long-range sniper battles pointless as each team constantly revives their downed players. Second, use the downed phase to determine whether or not the player goes to the Gulag or not - this concept is kind of borrowed from Kill Confirmed. After you down a player and you are able to reach them before they die or are revived, you have the option to kill them or "capture" them. Killing them would end their game instantly, permanently. Capturing them would instead send them to the Gulag, therefore not ending their game, but you would receive a cash bounty from the Gulag for providing them a body to use for their Fight Clubs. So there would be in-game decisions to make here. Early-game you might want to capture players for the cash bounties to help you get Loadouts, but knowing those players can come back if they win their Gulags. But in Late-game when you already have your Loadouts and don't need the cash, you instead choose to eliminate downed players so they can't come back. This would provide a real explanation as to why players who are "killed" are somehow delivered alive to the Gulag, while also rewarding players with cash for "confirming" their kills by capturing the downed players instead of just thirsting them.

9. Make Loadout prices vary by what you put into your Loadout, and make players buy them individually. This would make Loadouts harder to get, which makes players rely more on floor loot (the point of a BR anyway) and also actually make having a Loadout an advantage. Instead of games where 95% of players in the final circles have their Loadouts, you would have a lot more players forced to use floor loot because extenuating circumstances meant they couldn't afford an expensive Loadout. If you want an HDR/Grau fully-kitted with Ghost and a HB Sensor be prepared to pay $15k just for your own personal Loadout. And understand that in half your games or more you won't be able to amass the required cash to afford that massive Loadout. And you better set up some cheaper Loadouts where you don't have Overkill or fully-kitted weapons, so if you do have an unlucky game as far as looting (or you get sent to the Gulag etc) that you could still buy a Loadout of some kind. This would make for some interesting decisions. Would you put a Monolithic Suppressor on your Grau if it cost you an additional $3k over a Tactical? You'd have to loot for a few extra minutes to afford buying that in-game. Would you put the longest barrel on your AX-50 if it meant an additional $3k worth of in-game looting in order to afford buying it? Would you even use the Grau if it cost you an additional $5k over say the Kilo?

There is a weapon balance issue in this game, and it exists because of Loadouts. Some games try to balance weapons in a rock-paper-scissors mentality, but others (like Pubg) fully recognize that some weapons are just better than others in all facets. How do you balance this in-game so players don't just abuse those specific weapons? Make those weapons rarer and thus harder for players to find. That way when you do happen to find one of them, you have a true advantage that game over others who didn't, but there are also plenty of times where you find yourself on the other side of that spectrum.

Warzone has none of this rarity - rarity is deleted by Loadouts. Just loot for 5 minutes max and amass $10k and boom everyone in your squad can have any weapon/weapons in the game kitted any way they want. At that point nothing is rarer than anything else because you are free to buy anything you want for the flat fee of $10k cash. However, cash is limited on the map and by charging more for more "elite" Loadouts, rarity would be introduced to the game because there's only so much cash to go around. Not every squad would be able to amass $40-50k to buy their "elite" Loadouts and would be forced to buy "mid-tier" Loadouts instead, or not be able to buy Loadouts at all. This would also prevent the mass UAVs you see every match, because teams are forced to save more for their "elite" Loadouts and don't have cash to burn. This also would help deal with some of the camping, because currently with players able to loot and get their Loadouts within 5 minutes they can then just set up shop in a building for the next 30+ minutes while the circle closes, having no other motivation to move. More expensive Loadouts will force players to loot for longer periods in order to either afford those Loadouts or to find more elite floor loot instead.


I am totally with you!

heartbeat sensor is a fucking cheat! nothing else.... just remov eit from the game

And yes climbing rocks is a fucking disaster! WTF?


I am totally with you!

heartbeat sensor is a fucking cheat! nothing else.... just remov eit from the game

And yes climbing rocks is a fucking disaster! WTF?
I kinda like the idea you can't climb rocks! Cause this is a BR game you should manage to take a better position if you need to win the game so you need to avoid the rocks!

From the other hand, recons are destroying the "better position, wins the game" So yea we come to a final conclusion that rock climbing sucks until they fix all this damn campers waiting inside building for you to come and get stuck there


Well even small rock or rock wllls of 1m hight can'T be climbed....
And some walls also make problems when going over them!

It just feels not fluent...


Out of all the BR games out there, I enjoy warzone the most. I am not saying it needs tweaks (weapon balancing, bug fixes, cr/rpg nerfs) but I usually have a lot of fun when I play it.
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