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Warzone Warzone wont get past login/update check screen

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Hi, I just installed warzone and whenever I skip the intro, sometimes the screen either goes black, then tells me the connection to the blizzards servers has been lost, lets me through the login screen and loads me into menu but shortly after tells me that the server connection was lost again. I've also noticed that unusually whenever I launch the game and said thing happens my internet on my computer goes off and sometimes i have to reboot in order to connect again. I've attached an image of one of the codes its spits out, these I forgot to mention also vary from every game boot. Anyone have similar problems or a solution to this? Any help is greatly appreciated
Specs if wanted:
I5 11500
rx 6600 xt
16gb 2666mhz
550w psu corsair gold


Nevermind, fixed it by deleting Modern warfare folder (Go into file explorer, this pc, Documents and delete the folder)


Staff member
Glad to hear you solved the issue. Congrats! :)

Just know that just because nobody is responding, doesn't mean nobody is reading your posts. It just means nobody knows. We have a few PC players, but it's not as widespread as what would have been an official Call of Duty Forum hosted by Activision. They shut it down because they don't like the toxicity of some players.
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