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Weird crashing that I cant seem to find online. Help?!?


So, this is a long one sorry. I have been troubleshooting this for the last few days and tried all the standard help I could find on forums and youtube "ez fix". The problem is the Dev Error 6328. This isnt the weird part, its that all the people complaining about the 6328 crash, are people in lobby trying to get into a game. My problem is it happens randomly during gameplay. (I say randomly, but its probably has a cause, i just cant find a pattern. Sometimes it crashes just after landing, sometimes, I can go 20 min before a crash. Most commonly its about 5 min into gameplay. This is online, plunder, and practice. I have been pumping practice battle royals, while tweaking things to test, and I have only made it through once, out of maybe 20 someodd times. I have done all the Dev 6328 fixes I have found. Bordless fullscreen, different drivers, studio drivers, disable full screen optimization, restart things, reinstall, etc... I found something intresting that someone wrote on a forum on activision, that said its caused by cpu working to hard and gpu not enough. So I tried another royal with my performance index on a 2nd screen, and noticed that my gpu never got past 7%. My cpu peaked at about 30%. These numbers vairy based on graphics settings, but thats the default settings. Lowering settings to litearlly nothing, like minimum everything, basicallly minecraft mode, does eliminate most crashes. At these settings out of 4 games, it only crashed once. My specs are overkill and should run this easily. The default Geforce experience bascailly runs me at ultra. Is there any reason that my hardware dosnt seem to want to run this game. I will list all spec below. It does seem to work "better" 75% at garbage graphics, but that shouldnt be the case. I unisntalled and reinstalled all the nvidia drivers, like 3 times, including the "warzone" update. even the doom update or the studio update dont work. This is the only game thats doing this. Borderlands 3, Outer world, dota, are all running tip top. Also, when I am playing on "ultra" settings, my fps seem to be fine at around 80-100. Any help with this would be amazing, as I got the game, to play with friends and they are all going without me :(. Thanks,

AMD Ryzen 9 3950x
Msi 2080ti
Asus tuf gaming 570x plus wifi
Corsair rgb pro 32gb (2x16) ddr4 3600
windows home 10 64 bit.

i am on the Ps4 anytime im doing really good like 7+ kills it kicks me out instantly after i kill the last player on the team and says "lost connection to the host" - chronometer
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