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Welcome back, CoDForums community!

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If you are reading this, then you are currently on the new server. As you can see, CoDForums was down for a few days. This was a glitch of a backup that I spent the majority of late Thursday, into all of Friday. Saturday, I was on the line with support looking for help on fixing everything. I was feeling discouraged, but I am stubborn. I am persistent. I have this undying commitment to getting everything restored. All that is over. It's a new day!

The new server updates the server backend to the latest version of software. This results or resulted in faster pageloads.

That's not all... the specs are yuge...

3TB Transfer
6 Cores

These were my previous specs...

4 cores (8 threads)
3.50 GHz base (3.90 GHz turbo)
5TB Bandwidth

I would've liked that 408GB, but it's not necessary.
3TB vs 5TB is eh. You don't really notice it.
But the CPU is higher, which is actually what I needed in order for the server to hold more people.
There are Turbo features like cache, litespeed, and whatnot. I'd copy and paste some of them, but I can't.

But yeah, that's my server.

I will now begin to go back to the old non-approved, lost-emails that are in the xenForo database. So, if you got confirmation link e-mail. Click it, and confirm your account. I did this so that I KNOW you are a real user, and not a bot. If you are from outside United States, I'm banning the account. Going forward, your e-mails should be delivered. I tested my emails this morning, it. should. work.

Thank you, and have a nice day!

Welcome back.


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Yea, my MSG NOTIFICATIONS was broken the last few weeks.. But with the move, it looks like that was fixed...

Thanx, Carlos for all you do.. I know it can't be easy, but you do a damn good job!!



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I typically am a weekday surfer and as My Thursday was off with the wife on one of her adventures My Friday at work was playing catch up most of the day. So I did not attempt to least I do not recall logging in on Friday.. maybe I did ../shrug..


grats on the quasi upgrade. I hope your stress was not too great.
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