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Welcome BO3Forums users!

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As you've no doubt noticed, BlackOps3Forums.com has been successfully merged into CODForums! I launched BO3Forums on September 9th, 2014. But I registered the domain long before that. For 1 and a half year, I've been staying patient, staying optimistic about BO3F's success. But I did it: BO3Forums went from nothing, to 1,500+ members.


Some doubted me. Some didn't even think this would happen. But it did. It was my smarts that got me this many members. I didn't even post general rules for this site, at all. It was positive, so positive, that I only had to ban a few people. That's it!

The site gathered so much traffic, it wasn't even funny. It's now the 3rd best website that I've ever launched. First one is now a site called DestroyRepeat, the second is of course CODForums, the third is BO3F. MW3Blog did well, but it was overshadowed by the top 3 now.

The stats were:

1,031 Threads
2,711 Posts
1,502 Members

The traffic for BO3Forums was the following:


Thank you all for spreading the word about BlackOps3Forums.com - I am humbled by your support!

I hope you join us here at CODForums! :)

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