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Welcome CODAW users!

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Hello! Welcome to CODForums! :)

Recently, I acquired CallofDutyAdvancedWarfare.com in a package deal with the owner. I went ahead and merged all of you, your posts, profile posts, and signatures into CODForums. You will have to re-upload the avatars, or upload a new one.

It was a small database of 176 Threads, 1,076 Posts, and 798 Members (There are a few hundreds more behind the scenes.)

I acquired this website to obtain the users, and the posts from Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare's growth.

For the moment, the domain CallofDutyAdvancedWarfare.com will be redirected to one of my relevant websites, Advanced Warfare Blog.

I do not have any intent of selling the domain. I am going to give it away to the trademark owners. So, if you are a real Activision employee, and you're reading this. Please, contact me. Or, set me up with a meeting with your nearby studio, Sledgehammer Games. I will give it right then, and there.

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