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Welcome to CODForums - The Call of Duty Community

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Hello, welcome to CODForums.com

I'm sure looking around you'll see this forum is rather new at the moment, but we hope over time we're going to be able to develop into an active, highly regarded community of gamers.
I'm sure you are all as excited as me about Modern Warfare 2 and its release later this year. Hopefully between now and November you'll keep checking back, as we aim to provide you with all the breaking CoD MW2 news as it happens.

Besides a community, you'll also soon find downloads, helpful articles and our own game servers.
Our first game server was set up yesterday, the 20 player CoD4 server which you can join, and monitor by visiting http://www.codforums.com/servers.php

I look forward to seeing you around, and don't hesitate to get in touch.


Welcome to the community

Omnilinkit say welcome to the community and good luck with your new site.If we can do anything to help just post in our forums .We use Twitter to announce new sites like yours and it has already been done.We also feature new sites in an Iframe too.You may look at the iFrame here CODForums:Omnilinkit/Codwired If you would like to be on the front page just make a request. Adding us as a partner or affiliate compels us to drive even more traffic to your site so we can further build a roadmap to this great community.Omnilinkit is a not for profit community project dedicated to bringing the COD community closer one click at a time.


Hi there guy's

Just wanted to say nice looking site guy's!

Look's like a lot of hard work has gone into it, I have just folded up my forum as i couldn't cope with the stress and time of running it, so i understand what's in volved!

Wishing you all the very best guy's n Girls if any!



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I'm also an aspiring entrepreneur who has already built a network ready to launch a niche site. Its a Modern Warfare 2 forum, but with the recent addition of the Call of Duty name - you can tell I am very, VERY angry. Why you ask? It puts a setback on my plans of launching my own MW2 site (ahem; three MW2 domains) - now I have to either revise my plan, or buy an existing call of duty forum or site, which ultimately pisses me off.

I want my own call of duty site. Goddamnit! :mad:


Staff member
Glad you decided to sign up, and thanks for the nice words. I hope you stick around :)
I see you're a football fan too. Looking forward to tomorrow? (Or sunday for you i guess seeing as you're a Man U fan :p)
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