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Multi Welcome to DoA.....We have been expecting you


I am Robksg and I would like to invite you to come join DoA – Death on Arrival!

Death on Arrival - Modern Warfare 3 clan Now Recruiting!

Have you tried to join a clan in the past only to find it wasn’t what you expected? Are you tired of playing solo and trying to compete against good clans? Do you just want to have more fun when playing your favorite FPS?

If so come visit us at http://www.doa-clan.net/

DoA is a 16 year and older, CNOP certified clan that offers a gaming experience tailored to you!

When I was looking to join a clan I noticed that most clans out there give you two very limited options:

One that requires you to be a beast of a player with ridiculous stats like a 4.50 KDr anything lower and you are cut from the clan. You are required to play at least 40 hours a week or else. You must take an oath that gaming is the most important thing in your life and nothing must interfere! I could go on but you get my point!

The other type offers a casual “drinking buddy” style of clan. While this is fun it is not conducive to winning. They usually have hundreds to thousands of members which helps finding people to play with but at too great of a cost. You most likely never play with the same people twice, which is more like playing with randoms than a team.I eventually found DoA. Our clan offers you as much or as little of the clan experience that YOU want. We play primarily play Black Ops on PS3/Xbox 360 and play all the game modes. So if you only log on a couple times a week or are looking to play some serious competitive games, DoA is the clan for you!

Just click on the link above and come visit us. The application process is a breeze and takes only a minute. We look forward to seeing you!

We Are now Recruiting for our Newly developing PC Division as well !!


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