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Well It Was Fun While It Lasted....

Before I commented how nice it was to have full length rounds w/o someone hitting a million in Plunder in the first few mins..

Well, it was fun while it lasted... I just played a round where a player hit a million in 6 mins that brought on the $$$ choppers and the OT round..

Now how the HELL can anyone hit a million in so short a time without cheating?? I am not being facetious or snarky (well, not much anyways).. Is there an area that would have that kind of loot that close together that would be relatively safe from combatants?

I'de sure like to know where that area is??


PC Gamer: Nearly Dangerous
I don't know if Warzone has s theater mode where you can play back the entire game, check in the Barracks to see if you still have that game and play it back from his point of view.
Well, just had it happen again.. Less than 4 mins in the match, someone hit 1 million and the OT timer started..

Then it occurred to me.. It's likely, in those scenarios, that it's a team of 4.. Each member hits a different area and their collective total hits a million quite quickly...

Which is simply ANOTHER indication that Activision should implement PLUNDER like they do BATTLE ROYALE...

Quads, Trios, Duos and Solo...

Would make the game SOOO much more enjoyable for all..

The people who can't handle 1 v 1 will have their full QUAD on and the people who don't play well with others will have their spot.. :D
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