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What’yall reading at?


Good early afternoon everybody.

Excuse the sacrifice of grammatical correctness in the title for a boondocks reference.

I was hoping to find some fellow readers or establish some.
Feeling good right now.

I haven’t really read since about a year ago. I finished with 1984, which I really had to push through since my motivation for reading was fading already.
I normally read books in english as long as they are originally written in english. But this one I had to go with a translation, because it was hard to keep reading. Idk why, but the style of writing just seemed too flat. No offense Orwell. Also considering that my motivation was already fading.

Now I‘m picking it back up. Started listening to an audio book of an austrian writer. And I want to pick up the Hitchiker’s Guide series again. I stopped in the beginning of So long, and thanks for all the fish. Also to drive my knowledge of dystopian classics further, I made a reservation for Brave New World at the library, however also in german, since it‘s a tough topic.

I would really appreciate if we could establish this topic and hope to hear from you. For now that was it from me. Good day or whatever time it is where you are.

Peter Pan

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