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Angels of Death

What A Joke


What a joke kicked cos of inactive after only being still for 3 secand get the fucking game sorted for fuck sake get things sorted before bring new stuff out.

wish i could get my money back on this game cos all they dos it what we dont want changed wait of money this game DONT BUY IT is your gonna play it only play the free shit.


Angels of Death

Yeah just bullshit... play Apex Legend! 5000% better
That game is pure shit, Deleted it months ago. If you always want to go up against pathfinder and wraith lmao. yeah they been nerfed, That game was good at beginning. then same maps for months Op toons hit detection problems, Hacking like warzone. sbmm is a joke. just my 2 cents on that shit game


At least Apex has SBMM and matches me against opponents of equal strength.
In WZ a level 5 gets paired against level 155! That's just plain dumb...

A level 5 hasn't even prepared his perks like cold blooded and ghost.
He has no good blueprinted weapons either...

Even the level 155 teammates won't be happy to get paired with him!

That's just brainless....


Staff member
Doesn't everyone do this? Surely there aren't people out there spending money on a Battle Pass each season.
You'd have to buy Battle Pass to get this sometimes. Sometimes it's in free Battle Pass, sometimes it's in the [paid] Battle Pass. The loophole is this: Save your COD Points over the years (earning COD Points in games like WWII, which actually give you COD Points for free sometimes, or pre-ordering COD games before it's out), save it for whatever you want (including Battle Pass), buy Battle Pass, then earn it in-game, buy next Season's Battle Pass with the same one inside the Battle Pass. It's basically free, if you do this.

But for most people, you'll need to pay for the Battle Pass > Earn COD Points using Battle Pass > DON'T SPEND IT, YET > Buy Battle Pass when Season "X" is live. Rinse and repeat.

The thing is, some people are tempted to buy the bundles. And don't even think about the NEXT Battle Pass. This is the trap they [Activision] want.

I actually did option #1 by saving COD Points over the years, I had half of the COD Points. So, all I had to do was go through Battle Pass 1, earn the free COD Points. The first thing I did in Season Two was bought it. From there, I never had to "buy" Battle Pass. +whistles and walks away+
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Angels of Death